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Get injected into the world of inverted dependencies

I’ve just written a new article at CodeProject. It’s an introduction to Inversion Of Control containers and Dependency Injection. It can be found here.

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SOLID principles with real world examples

The following article aims to explain the five SOLID principles with real world examples. The SOLID principles are five programming principles which is considered to be the foundation of every well designed application. Following the principles will most likely lead … Continue reading

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Single Responsibility Prinicple

SRP is one of the easiest principles to learn, but one of the hardest to master. The reason to this is that it can be quite hard to see if a method or class breaks SRP or not. I got … Continue reading

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Liskovs Substitution Principle

I’m a big fan of patterns and principles. And I’m going explain all SOLID principles in different blog posts. This post is all about LSP. LSP says that you should always be able to use a base class or interface … Continue reading

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