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How to use CORS requests in Internet Explorer 9 and below.

This article explains how you can automatically proxy CORS requests (Cross-origin resource sharing) in jQuery without changing your existing code. The proxy is integrated in ASP.NET and works with all ASP.NET libraries like WebForms, Mvc and WebApi.

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Adding a required indicator in ASP.NET MVC3 using jQuery

You might want to indicate that fields in ASP.NET MVC3 is required visually. It’s easy thanks to the HTML attributes that the unobtrusive validation API generates. Start by adding a new CSS class in your site.css called something like .required-indicator. … Continue reading

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griffin.editor: Added support for Google Prettify

I’ve just refactored the highlighting features of griffin.editor. You can now use your favorite highlighter by implementing the $.griffinEditorExtension.highlighter callback like this: The default implementation looks for either highlight.js or Google Prettify. I’ve also made a small change so that … Continue reading

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Two new jQuery plugins

I’ve created examples for two of my newer jQuery plugins: jQuery.elementOverlay Will put an overlay over any HTML element. Demopage: jquery.griffinTour A tour script which can be used to show-case the features of a site. Demopage:

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Introducing griffin.editor – a jQuery textarea plugin

I’ve tried to find a jQuery editor plugin which works out of the box without configuration. The WMD editor used by looked nice but I couldn’t find a version that I got running. My main issue with most editors … Continue reading

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Localizing jQuery plugins

I’ve spent some time to figure out how to localize my jQuery plugins and I’ve just found out a way that works just fine. Disclaimer: I’m not 100% sure of how namespacing works in jQuery so this might not be … Continue reading

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Handling JSON responses in jquery plugins

I’ve been coding several jquery plugins lately and most of my plugins uses Ajax and JSON to handle data. Each plugin gets a specific JSON string returned that must follow a specific format. For instance, the table plugin expects to … Continue reading

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jquery ui autocomplete: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘element’ of undefined

I got that exception when I loaded some options through JSON (with ASP.NET MVC). It took a lot of digging before I finally found what the cause was. And it’s not what I expected: I’ve made a custom menu plugin … Continue reading

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