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Griffin.Container: Register services using your own attribute.

As you might now, I recommend that you register most classes using the [Component] attribute. However, you might not want to add an external dependency to all class libraries. You can avoid that now with a new feature. And that … Continue reading

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Resolving all services through dependency injection in Griffin.Container

I’ve just added a new feature to Griffin.Container: Support for resolving all implementations of a service by using constructors. You can now do something like this: Griffin.Container can be found at github.

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New article: Having fun with Griffin.Container

I’ve written a new article which guides you through the most of the features in Griffin.Container.

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Griffin.Container – “The drunken IoC container”

(I started writing this blog entry at friday night, but somehow I didn’t manage to finish it.) My son has just fallen asleep and wifey is working. Which means that I got a friday night all by myself. So I’ve … Continue reading

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Inversion of control containers – Best practices

Disclaimer: I’ve used IoC containers for a couple of years now and also made a couple of my own (just to learn, nothing released). I’ve also consumed loadsĀ of documentation in the form of blogs and stackoverflow questions. And I thought … Continue reading

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