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Easy and perfomant client/server communication with protobuf-net & Griffin.Framework

ProtoBuf is Googles open serialization format which can be used to serialize objects in a standardized way. With it, different platforms can communicate with a format that is much more efficient than XML. Combine the most popular implementation if it, … Continue reading

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Griffin.Framework – Performant networking in .NET

Griffin.Networking was my attempt to create a Netty inspired library. The library is working pretty well but the internal architecture became a bit complex which I am not really satisfied with. Griffin.Framework can now be considered to be a stable … Continue reading

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Griffin.Networking – Added support for HTTP ranges

Added support for partial file downloads (content ranges) Someone requested that I should add support for the Range headers in the HTTP protocol. I’ve done that now. But let’s back up a bit first. In Griffin.Networking you can send files … Continue reading

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New version of Griffin.Networking – A networking library for .NET

I’ve refactored Griffin.Network quite a lot (I did say that it was still an early release). The new version is called v0.5 (the library is taking shape, but there is still some things to take care of). Highlights: 1. The … Continue reading

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Griffin.Networking – A somewhat performant networking library for .NET

Disclaimer: The current framework release is a beta. It should be reasonable stable, but don’t blame me if it blow up your computer. Introduction Griffin.Networking is a networking library written in C# which purpose is to: a) abstract away the … Continue reading

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