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Griffin.Container: Register services using your own attribute.

As you might now, I recommend that you register most classes using the [Component] attribute. However, you might not want to add an external dependency to all class libraries. You can avoid that now with a new feature. And that … Continue reading

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Resolving all services through dependency injection in Griffin.Container

I’ve just added a new feature to Griffin.Container: Support for resolving all implementations of a service by using constructors. You can now do something like this: Griffin.Container can be found at github.

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New article: Having fun with Griffin.Container

I’ve written a new article which guides you through the most of the features in Griffin.Container.

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Griffin.Container: Introducing the command support.

Commands are a great way to decouple logic in an application, since the command invoker have no knowledge of where the command is handled. You also move the focus from the how the task is solved to the task itself. … Continue reading

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