Introducing Griffin.Decoupled

I recommend that you read my other post first, since it describes the rationale behind Griffin.Decoupled. This post will only demonstrate how you use the framework.

Griffin.Decoupled allows you to execute commands and domain events within your application to reduce coupling between classes. In future versions you’ll also be able to scale out the application using different servers. And that without having to rewrite a single line of code. That’s one of the most important aspects of the framework: Start small and scale when required.

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Why Domain Driven Design (DDD) is so great

This article aims to describe why I think that DDD aids you tremendously in creating robust and flexible applications.

Today we got several cool frameworks and libraries that we can use. ORMs, WCF, ServiceStack, SignalR, WebApi, IoC etc etc. Just thinking of all can make any serious developer go crazy of joy.

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