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Introducing the data mapper in Griffin.Framework

As you might know I’m running a .NET exception service called OneTrueError. When I moved from a NoSQL db to SQL Azure I had to be able to work with the database in some way. I’m not using OR/Ms any … Continue reading

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Unit of work sample implementation for ADO.NET

This article demonstrates how you can create a Unit Of Work implementation for ADO.NET

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Repository pattern, done right

The repository pattern has been discussed a lot lately. Especially about it’s usefulness since the introduction of OR/M libraries. This post (which is the third in a series about the data layer) aims to explain why it’s still a great … Continue reading

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ADO.NET, the right way

ADO.NET is actually quite powerful if you use it correctly. This post will teach you everything from making your ADO.NET code driver independent to how to implement the repository pattern and unit of work. This is the follow up post … Continue reading

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Data layer, the right way.

The goal with this post is to give you a better understand about how you can design your data layer and why it’s important to create a complete abstraction layer.

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