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How to use CORS requests in Internet Explorer 9 and below.

This article explains how you can automatically proxy CORS requests (Cross-origin resource sharing) in jQuery without changing your existing code. The proxy is integrated in ASP.NET and works with all ASP.NET libraries like WebForms, Mvc and WebApi.

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OneTrueError and ASP.NET

OneTrueError is my new startup which also is a member of Microsoft BizSpark. This post is about the client library for ASP.NET (WebForms/MVC/WebAPI). It will catch and handle all uncaught exceptions automatically. The exceptions are also uploaded to our site … Continue reading

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Better support for localization in ASP.NET.

If you’ve tried the built in localization features in ASP.NET you’ll probably written cluttered view models like:

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Solved: Getting 401 Unauthorized while calling an ASMX service using windows authentication

Today I’ve spent almost the whole day to figure out why an application (COM+) couldn’t authenticate against a ASMX web service. Using my favorite networking tools Wireshark and HTTP Fiddler I saw that the credentials didn’t get included in the … Continue reading

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