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Updated the localization administration area

I’ve updated the administration area for the localization features in an attempt to make it easier to handle the localization. I’ve replaced the link texts with icons so that they take less space. I’ve also added filtering options (so that … Continue reading

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ASP.NET MVC3: Custom error for 401 Unauthorized

Have you tried to display a custom error message if authorization fails.. .. by specifying it in the customErrors section in web.config: So did I without getting it to work. The [HandleError] attribute can not handle it either since it … Continue reading

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How to handle transactions in ASP.NET MVC3

I got annoyed about having to repeat the transaction handling in every POST method of my controllers. First of all: I don’t want to have to take the unit of work in the constructor of each controller, since that implicitly … Continue reading

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Griffin.MvcContrib – The plugin system

Introduction Griffin.MvcContrib is a contribution project for ASP.NET MVC3 which contains different features like extendable HTML Helpers (you can modify the HTML that the existing helpers generate), easy localization support and a quite fresh support for plugin development. The purpose … Continue reading

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