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Entrepreneur / Intrapreneur / Architect / Developer. Pick your choice.

I’ve helped other companies succeed for 20 years by being an architect/developer. I’ve done that by not just staring at the task at hand, but also understanding the business value of what I do. It’s not rare that I’ve suggested changes just to improve the business. No matter if the benefit is just in-house or for the customer.

I’ve made competitors go quiet when my CEO demonstrated our new product that I had made in record time.

I’ve failed at one startup. Learned immensely from it. Am now building my second startup with all the wisdom from the first.

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  • JCWRequests

    Hi Jonas I came across your webserver project and was wondering does it support SSL without using netsh? What I am looking to do is to use NancyFX with a with self hosting but that requires netsh to bind the cert to the port and was hoping your library found a way around the issue. Thanks, Jason Wyglendowski

    • JonasGauffin

      yes. It do support SSL without netsh (Griffin.WebServer do not do it yet, but C# WebServer do)

      • JCWRequests

        Thanks for the information. The guys over on NancyFX do not believe it’s possible.

  • Ju

    Hi Jonas, do you have any idea on when your book on internationalization will be published? Regards, Julien

    • http://blog.gauffin.org/ jgauffin

      Thank you for your comment. I think it’s the next book in the queue. Hopefully it will be published wihin a month.

      • Ju

        Perfect, thanks a lot!

      • Ju

        Any news for your book?

        • http://blog.gauffin.org/ jgauffin

          It’s still pending technical review :( you can email grahamh@syncfusion.com and request that they speed things up :)

        • http://blog.gauffin.org/ jgauffin

          Just got word from syncfusion that the planned release date is August 18.