Updates to OneTrueError

Bug fixes

OneTrueError has gotten some bug fixes. A windows update of .NET framework gave us a bit of a down time. Won’t happen again. Fortunately the client library always continue to try to deliver reports if something fails. So nothing should be lost even if the report site is temporarily down.

  • Dashboard now works with user that registered without companies.
  • Dashboard now have an instruction for newly registered users to get started more easily.
  • The client package thread is now running as a background thread and should not hinder client applications from stopping.
  • The report receiver is now a standalone website to make the report receiving even more robust.
  • A period in the organization name will now work as expected (IIS tried to handle the route as a file)

New features

There are also some new features. The ASP.NET and Core nuget libraries are now released as public versions. Should be stable.

New welcome message

To make the user experience more user friendly we’ve updated the first page when new users have registered.



We’ve added a graphs to the dashboard, the application page and the incident overview. You should get a much better overview over how your application is running. It’s shows two lines, one for incidents (i.e. an unique exception) and one for each reported exception. In that way you can quickly see if the reported errors are for one and the same incident or if you have several different incidents in your application.


If you get a peek like above you might want to start to panic.

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