More relevant ads please.

I just read that Mozilla are going to block third party cookies in the next version of Firefox (optional, but blocking is on per default). That’s great. Let’s get rid of the web site/usage tracking that all advertising services has.

I hate all those generic ads which doesn’t interest me. But then again, I DO like to get relevant ads based on my interests. I therefore got a feature request for all browser makers:

Introduce an optional setting where I can write keywords and/or categories of things that I’m interested in. Then expose that information in a custom HTTP header. Something like:

GET / HTTP/1.1
x-user-interests: development/c#

That header can be picked up by the ad networks to show relevant ads based on my choice.

browser ads

In that way YOU can decide what kind of information/interests you want to expose, instead of some random third party tracking cookie.