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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Solved: Getting 401 Unauthorized while calling an ASMX service using windows authentication

Today I’ve spent almost the whole day to figure out why an application (COM+) couldn’t authenticate against a ASMX web service. Using my favorite networking tools Wireshark and HTTP Fiddler I saw that the credentials didn’t get included in the … Continue reading

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Griffin.Decoupled – Winforms sample application

I’ve created a small winforms sample application to demonstrate the features of Griffin.Decoupled. I’ve intentionally kept it small to just demonstrate the core features. This post won’t get into the details of how to bootstrap the framework. There are several … Continue reading

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Griffin.Networking – Added support for HTTP ranges

Added support for partial file downloads (content ranges) Someone requested that I should add support for the Range headers in the HTTP protocol. I’ve done that now. But let’s back up a bit first. In Griffin.Networking you can send files … Continue reading

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