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Service locator is not an anti pattern.

(this article have been rewritten since it didn’t seem like I managed to communicate my thoughts properly) There are several blog posts that states that service locator is an anti pattern. With this article I’ll try to explain why it’s … Continue reading

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Dealing with exceptions, Logging and displaying error messages

I got a client which is really firm on that the user should know what went wrong when exceptions are thrown. So we are displaying error messages like “The database did not respond” “The database operation failed” “Failed to load … Continue reading

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Why Domain Driven Design (DDD) is so great

This article aims to describe why I think that DDD aids you tremendously in creating robust and flexible applications. Today we got several cool frameworks and libraries that we can use. ORMs, WCF, ServiceStack, SignalR, WebApi, IoC etc etc. Just … Continue reading

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Small temp file helper for integration tests

I’m writing some integration tests and needed to be able to create/cleanup temp files during the test. So I’ve created a small helper for that (so that the file will be deleted even if the test fails) See? the tempfile … Continue reading

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