Updated the localization administration area

I’ve updated the administration area for the localization features in an attempt to make it easier to handle the localization.

I’ve replaced the link texts with icons so that they take less space. I’ve also added filtering options (so that you can translate one area/controller at a time) and a filtering option which allows you to only show texts that hasn’t been translated yet.

Update the nuget package (“griffin.mvccontrib.admin”) to get it.


  • Reply Maxime Séguin |


    First of all, let me thank you for your contribution to the asp.net ecosystem – very useful!

    What do I have to do to access the localization administration area? I’m using asp.net MVC4/Autofac/RavenDB.

    I saw this example somewhere but it seems outdated (EmbeddedViewFixer is obsolete and EmbeddedViewFileProvider does not take EmbeddedViewFixer as argument anymore) :

    var fixer = new EmbeddedViewFixer();
    var provider = new EmbeddedViewFileProvider(fixer);
    provider.Add(new NamespaceMapping(typeof(MvcContrib.Areas.Griffin.GriffinAreaRegistration).Assembly, “Griffin.MvcContrib”));


So, what do you think ?